Friday, 18 April 2014

Bank Holiday Books

I really enjoyed reading the Battle of Matapan so polished off Warspite by Iain Ballantyne on the ferry journey back to Plymouth yesterday. Neither book was particularly heavy weight but that's a good thing sometimes, especially when you're looking for some period flavour rather than masses of technical or historical detail. I'm itching to get cracking on the Navwar models when I get home, so at least the reading fills a gap for the moment.

I'm now reading the Rising Sun, Falling Skies, which is also a lightweight but we'll written account of the Java Sea Campaign, so of direct relevance to the Victory at Sea project. A trawl of the Osprey catalogue has also turned some titles of interest, especially the New Vanguard series on British battleships and cruisers, which include some very handy colour profiles for painting reference purposes. It's a shame there's nothing as yet on French warships but that would be a long shot even for Osprey I suspect?

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  1. The books sound interesting - I'll have to look into them.

    Talking of Osprey, they've got a 20% off sale this weekend.