Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Spring Cleaning

It's time for the annual spring cleaning of the project backlog, ready for the summer when I usually get at least one big project completed, although it often drags over into the autumn. I have far too many unfinished 28mm skirmish level projects on the go so, in an effort to concentrate on one key effort, I've decided to stuff them back into storage to concentrate on Chain of Command. They will return but only after I've completed the Japanese platoon that I've promised to field.

As I've committed to assembling the Japanese platoon for a club opponent, this will have to be the only 28mm project on the workbench for the next three months or so. I will also be completing my 1/3000 scale fleet for the Victory at Sea Campaign as my immediate project once I get back from my holidays. I doubt I'll have time for much else before the summer holidays but, if I can squeeze something in, it'll probably be my 1/600 coastal warfare project, as I find painting 'things' a lot easier than figures.

One possible new project in 15mm is an ancient army for Impetus but I think this will have to be my summer holiday basing project, as I doubt I'll be able to tackle it before then. The current favourite is a hoplite era army for the Pelloponesian Wars using the excellent Xyston range of figures. I'm not decided on a city state yet but the Spartans are an obvious choice, followed by the Athenians or one of the smaller Allied city states such as Corinth or Argos, all of which feature in the Extra Impetus IV supplement.

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    If you're interested in selling that copy of Extra impetus I'd be very happy to take it off your hands?