Saturday, 17 May 2014

Back of Beyond British Indian Flying Column

It's been a very busy day and I've had no time for anything wargame related but I did get up into the loft to extricate the figures and models for the Back of Beyond British Indian flying column, in a nod to the inspirational exploits of Dunsterforce. There are some bits missing, including some diecast Rolls Royce tenders as I couldn't get to them in the pile of boxes, but these are the nuts and bolts of a potential project for later in the year.
There are two sections of eight British regulars including Lewis gunners, a section of eight Sikh infantry, two mountain guns with crews and two Vickers HMG's with crews, commanded by a CO and staff officer. To add some mobile firepower there are three Rolls Royce armoured cars with a Vickers Medium tank as an substitute option. The air support will be provided by two old 1/48th scale Aurora kits, one DH4 and one F2B Bristol Fighter, although the latter has some bits missing so may be replaced by a Revell SE5a.
All in all this is knocking on for 1200 points!


  1. Nice. But I wish you'd stop getting me interested in BoB because I have enough projects already!

  2. Very nice, indeed! I have two of those Rolls as well. Solid metal, lovely cars.

  3. I look forward to seeing these all up and running. Must be great to go up in the loft and dig this kind of thing out that has been stored away in some old box.

  4. It's a big loft and I have had a lot of time to accumulate the lead!