Friday, 23 May 2014

Up North

We're off to the wilds of Northumberland for the half term holidays tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to dragging the truculent, dripping sprogs around numerous historical things including monasteries, museums and, of course, some stunning fortifications. It must be a right pain in the backside having a History teacher as a dad.
Anyway, in a variation on the usual theme, I won't be taking any lead or plastic with me this time, but will be writing up the backlog of late 1941 Malta scenarios for Bag the Hun 2 that I've been meaning to tackle for ages, with the 2014 Too Fat Lardies Summer Special as the focus for my scribblings.


  1. WhiteHaven is a good visit if you are in the area...castle, cannon from the has everything a history teacher could want (I think!).

  2. Jim, forgive my ignorance but what town is the photo of? I'm fascinated by the fortification but can't think where it could be.

  3. Ignore my above message! I let my mouse hover and it told me Berwick upon Tweed. My computer mouse knows geography better than I do! :-)