Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Naval Thunder: Battleship Row

I spotted a bundle on Wargames Vault yesterday, consisting of the Naval Thunder: Battleship Row and Naval Thunder: Bitter Rivals supplement, so thought I'd take a closer look after checking the Steel Dreadnought Games website: http://navalthunder.jigsy.com/

The rules seem to be quite similar in complexity to Victory at Sea and include pre-formatted ship data cards and game aids, which is a very handy extra. One of the things I'm going to have to do myself for Victory at Sea is a set of ship record cards, so it's a big time saver to have them pre-prepared.

There are comprehensive lists for US, Japanese, German, French, British and Italian ships, together with a series of historical scenarios covering most of the major actions of the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific theatres.

Not bad for less than £15!.


  1. I have his science fiction rules, and they're fantastic. If these rules are half as good I'd imagine you'll love them.

    Great catch I think!

  2. We'll have to try them out at somepoint Jim,


  3. They're not bad. Some good points, some not so good. we've tried the pre-dread version (which I am told is the best of the set) and the way it handles small craft and TBDs is, shall we say, not conducive to historical recreations, but apart from that I quite like them.

  4. I quite liked the idea of the ready made cards... heard good things on-line about General Quarters...?