Monday, 30 June 2014

Bag The Hun gets Bigger?

There were several model kit traders at Tankfest yesterday and one of them was selling the Zvezda Art of Tactic range of snap together plastic kits for £2.50 each, which is a pretty good deal. I've been thinking about the possibilities of upscaling to 1/144th from 1/285th scale for a while, having seen how both Revell and Zvezda have been releasing cheap but detailed WW2 aircraft kits over the last year or so.
This would only be for a one off project and will fill a gap in my 1/285th scale collections rather than replacing the smaller scale stuff. The obvious option would be to go for early war Russian Front as a theme, given the Zvezda output of Soviet and German planes, together with the relevant models from the Revell and Minicraft range.
Off the top of my head these include a Bf109F, a Fw190, a Stuka and an Hs126 plus a Lagg 3, a Sturmovik, a PO2, a Hurricane, an Airacobra and a Warhawk, all of which are suitable for the Russian Front mid 1942. There's also a Bf110, a Ju88 and an He111 from the old Minicraft range, if you can track them down, along with a Ju52 from Eduard and various diecast bombers by Altaya.
Anyway, I bought a couple of the Zvezda kits to see what they're like and was pleasantly surprised, so I may give this a go, using the club Hexon terrain rather than the usual hex mat. I think it would work well as a club multiplayer or even a show participation game, either using Bag the Hun 2 or possibly CY6!, which I think is gauged less at formations and more at individual pilots skills.

Just an idea at the moment but who knows?

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