Saturday, 8 November 2014

Some Corner of a Foreign Field

I read the designer's review of these new squad level two page fast play ultra-modern skirmish rules in Wargames Illustrated yesterday, so thought I'd take a closer look. Now, I'm not a fan of gaming current conflicts, far from it, but these two page fast play rules caught my attention due to the mechanisms they employ to reflect combat 'stress' and the 'fog of war', for want of a better term.

The system also has the big advantage from my perspective of only requiring a half a dozen figures per side on a 2'x2' playing area, being eminently scaleable down to 15mm or even 10mm. I downloaded a copy plus half a dozen army lists for less than the cost of a pint via Wargames Vault and will be giving them the once over for some Vietnam, Cold War gone hot in Norway or 'imagi-nation' AK47 Africa applications.

I've also read good things about 'No End in Sight' but that's another story...


  1. Will be picking a copy up on your recommendation!

  2. Have bought the ww2 version on your recomendation. :)