Sunday, 15 February 2015

A Duel of Aces but Algernon Pulls it Off!

We're down in Cornwall at my dad's for a few days. He's a keen collector of second hand things and found this old hardback in a local charity shop, so bought it for me as he thought it might be interesting. This has indeed been the case and I've set off on yet another 'what if?' train of thought!

It's really well illustrated with photographs and has a text in both German and English. There's loads of photos that I haven't seen before and some fascinating information on the early years of the German operations over the Western, Eastern and Turkish fronts.

It got me thinking of both Duel of Aces and the now defunct Algernon Pulls it off! rules, with the various articles for them that have appeared in TFL Specials over the years. I suppose I could try both of them out in either 1/300 or 1/600, especially as Tumbling Dice have produced some new early war aircraft recently.

Why not 1/44th? I guess it's the obvious choice, given the excellent Wings of Glory and/or Wings of War pre-painted planes that are available, but cost wise it makes less sense than the smaller scales. I like the models and the fact that they're ready to use out of the box but they're not cheap!

The same goes for 1/72nd but for reasons of time consumption in kit construction, even though I already have a decent early war collection of Eindeckers, DH2' s and Nieuport 11's. These have been used several times for early war club games of our house rules Knights of the Sky.

It's all just a thought at the moment but it is the 100th anniversary of the 1915 Fokker Scourge later this year, so a little aerial jousting over the trenches would be very in keeping with the times. I also really fancy the Algenon Flies East option, which includes half a dozen or so scenarios for the Russian Civil War.

Tally ho!

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