Monday, 23 February 2015

Anti Tank Support

It was back to work today, so wargaming has been relegated to the waiting list as I struggle to catch up with marking, controlled assessments and all the other paperwork that needs to be tackled at this time of the academic year. I doubt that I'll be getting much done in the next few weeks as a result.


Nonetheless, I've decided to add some anti-tank support to the CoC late war British platoon, with a resin 6pdr AT gun and crew from the Crusader Minatures range. I have the old version of this in white metal but it's pretty flimsy, so the new resin version will be a much better alternative, especially as I can now fill out the five crew figures required by the rules.


  1. That looks a smart piece of kit.

  2. Pity you didn't finish the Valiant figures. I thought they were very nice.

  3. Yep, they were looking not too bad but no one elese was interested in they had to go :O(