Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A Fistful of Lead [34]


I've got up early(ish...it is the holiday after all) to finish off the cladding on the back wall of the railroad depot building, so that I had time to complete the roof and platform sub-structure when we got home this evening. As a result, the station is now ready for painting, although the base still needs texturing before I can start. I've been wondering about the colour scheme but will stick with the Halfords Ultra Matt camouflage brown for the roof and platform, with a toned down colour for the building itself, probably either a washed out grey or primer red, both weathered down with various dusty dry-brushings over the top. I've have also got some 19cm x 6cm mdf lasercut bases on the way from Tony at ERM, who is always fantastic to deal with and highly recommended, ready to use as track beds for the cut down plastic track sections that I need for the actual railroad. I'll get cracking with that when it arrives.


  1. My goodness, that is really taking shape and I know exactly what you mean about getting up up on the holiday. Just taking the Saintly Mrs. Awdry another cup of tea in bed, so some more hobby time guaranteed this morning!

  2. That is a fantastic train station.

  3. Looking great. Get the cards yet?

  4. That really looks the part - well done!

  5. Thanks chaps,

    The cards are probably in the post box at work?

    I'll pick them up on Monday when I'm back from the holiday break.