Sunday, 4 October 2015

Post Apocalyse Big Rig

I've been looking for suitable die cast Hot Wheels toys to convert into post- apocalypse vehicles for Gaslands over the last couple of days. I already have some muscle cars that I've converted and painted but would like to have some more Mad Max style cars and trucks, complete with add on armour and spikey bits. Although I have already stockpiled a load of 50's style Hot Wheels for just such a thing, I have been struggling to find a suitable big rig truck and trailer, until now.
A trip to the local toy shop yesterday turned up this beast of a truck, complete with yet another hot rod car for the convoy escort. The conversion potential is obvious and I'm thinking of adding side armour sheets to the trailer for a start, together with some gun platforms or turrets. The cab with also get some add-on armour plating, a ram plate and some sort of forward firing heavy armament. I just need to get all the bits together and it's off to the chop shop for some welding!


  1. Now that should be seriously good fun, looking forward to the updates.

  2. This genre has never appealed to me in any medium, and yet it is beginning to get me thinking about a game. I saw Thundr Road on eBay at some phenomenal price. I downloaded the rules so maybe I could knock up the boards. I think the kids would love it, so I am watching this with interest!