Saturday, 5 March 2016

Poundland Magnetic Tape

I popped into Poundland today in search of diecast vehicles to use as transport for my 15mm hard sci-fi project but also found some rolls of self adhesive magnetic tape. This has obvious potential for magnetic basing and storage, so I picked up a roll to see if it's any good. I'll try it out and report back on the success or failure of the experiment. If it isn't any good at least it only cost a quid! I did also get hold of three Matchbox futuristic six wheeled trucks that I've seen used by other wargamers with 15mm sci-fi figures, so a good haul for five minutes bargain hunting.


  1. Sweet, I eagerly await the results of the magnetic tape tests!

  2. Tried the OK but not too strong. Should be fine for magnet basing 15mm or smaller bases.