Thursday, 31 March 2016

QuarterKit Corgi Churchill Conversion Combination

Try repeating that after a few pints (luckily I'm on the wagon but it's still a bit of a tongue twister). Enough of that guff and onto the important bit, which is an order that I've placed with QuarterKit for a Gaso.line Churchill Crocodile resin conversion kit and one for a Churchill AVRE, both designed to be used with the Corgi 1/50 diecast model.

These were both on special offer, so I saved more than half of the full retail price, which made the two resin kits affordable. I already have two Corgi Churchills, so won't have to add them to the overall cost and I also saved half the postage by getting the order delivered to my in-laws in France, ready to be picked up at the weekend. 

The final bill is still €35(£28) so not cheap but I think it'll be worth it, if only to add two interesting and effective bunker busting tanks to the late war Allied arsenal for less than the cost of two 1/56 scale Bolt Action kits. As all my other armour is either 1/50 or 1/48 scale, this is really the only viable option anyway, which means that I'm happy to splash out a little bit more than usual.

I just hope the end result is as good as the photos?

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