Sunday, 6 March 2016

15mm Sci-Fi Mechanised Platoon [2]

I scrounged a couple of hours this afternoon to assemble the GZG Gauntlet Hover APC's and the Brigade Models Warlock Hover Tank, although this took longer than I initially thought. The APC's were easy to put together, with only a little sanding and scraping required to clean them up, but the Warlock needed a lot of drilling and pinning before it was completed. The side mounted missile pods were a particular bugger to attach to the turret but the end result is worth it. I still have two Brigade Models Sohei heavy tanks to assemble then I'll be ready to start basing up the infantry, although I quite fancy adding some more vehicles to the platoon, perhaps in the form of some light scout vehicles or some self propelled artillery or some sort?

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  1. Keeping the hover theme, Brigade's Wizard jeep or Ontos TD would fit nicely IMO