Saturday, 10 December 2016

Flashpoint Baltic Paperforge Planes

It's the holidays in a week or so and I'll be off to France to visit the in-laws for the duration. I thought I'd take some games along for the odd rainy day, so will be packing my copy of Target Locked On together with some easily transportable card aircraft counters from Paper Forge. I'm a big fan of the Paper Forge Table Air Combat game, so when I spotted these 2D modern aircraft and missile counters I thought they'd be brilliant as a way to test out the Target Locked On rules while I get the proper miniatures based up and painted.

The neat thing about these card print and play counters is that they include Soviet VVS, Soviet naval and USAF modern fighters, bombers and ground attack types in full colour, together with a full selection of missiles and ordnance, for only about a quid a set. They're also really well designed and scaleable to a range of sizes. It's just a shame there isn't a modern NATO set with Eurofighters, Mirage 2000's, Gripen's and the like. As it is, I can now try Polish MiG29's vs Russian Su27's, along with NATO F16's, USAF F15's, A10's and Russian Tu22M's and Tu95's, just for starters.


  1. Good looking counters! Nice pick up!

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  3. The best thing is that you get all the missile counters as well, so can use them with the miniature aircraft as markers. Very handy!