Thursday, 29 December 2016

Target Locked-On Aircraft Building Guide

This is really handy. You can download an Aircraft Building Guide for Target Locked-On from Rory Crabb's webpage, enabling you to convert pretty much any post-war aircraft into a set of game statistics. This will make it easy for me, for example, to produce a set of statistics for SU22's, IAI Kfirs and BAC Strikemasters for the Alto Cenepa War. I haven't touched this mini-project for ages. as I wasn't convinced by Air War:C21, but may now dig it out and finish off the planes that I started to paint, although I'd have to stick with the use of mini-magnets for basing that I'm now not so keen on.

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  1. I worked on the last batch of 10 Strikemasters built by British Aircraft Corporation at Hurn Airport during the early '80's. Great little aircraft.