Saturday, 3 June 2017

15mm GZG Cyclops Hard Suit Infantry

I got paid yesterday so I decided to add a few more figures to the 15mm sci-fi lead pile, after having them on my wish list since Warfare back in November.

These are Brazilian infantry from the somewhat over-looked Tomorrrow's War range, although I'm just going to use them as hard suit armoured infantry, either as an assault unit attached to one of my existing forces or as a platoon sized unit in it's own right, perhaps as the basis of a humanoid alien army.

I've also added a single pack of US power armoured infantry from the Tomorrow's War range, as these looked similar to the other figures in design and will make a nice extra heavy squad attachment. I really like the cool monocular 'cyclops' helmet design on the Brazilian figures and think they will look really good painted up, whenever that may be.

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