Monday, 26 June 2017

15mm Sci Fi Infantry Webbing

It's on to the webbing now, with a three stage Foundry Rawhide layering approach to bring out the detail a bit more than a simple dry brush and wash. This took a bit of time but I think it was worth it to contrast with the basecoat. I'll tackle the weapons next using a simple two stage black and dark grey method, possibly followed by a wash of black ink to add some shading. The GZG open topped hover APC has also arrived, so I'll also be gluing that together and adding a duplicate platoon commander figure, so that he can keep up with the rest of the mechanised platoon. 


  1. Blimey! I'm away from your blog a few days & you really get going don't you! I get the keys to my house on Friday, so keep up the good work while I'm busy

  2. Just trying to compensate for not being able to get to the club over the summer. Good news on the house!