Saturday, 19 March 2011

1/144 Zvezda Bf109F2

In the original novel, the principal threat to the 633 Squadron attack on the Svartfjord are the Focke Wulf 190's tasked with air defence over the target area. In the film, these were represented by Spanish licence built verisions of the Messerschmidt Bf108. In the proposed club participation game, I was thinking of leaving them out entirely to keep things as simple as possible but, in the interests of veracity, I suppose I should have at least some sort of contingency plan.

So, I've been looking about for a cheap and pre-painted supply of 1/144th scale Focke Wulf 190's or, as an alternative, late war Bf109F's or G's. You can get pre-painted Bf 109 E7's and FW190D9's but these are respectively too early or too late. However, you can also get kits of  Bf109 F4's from Sweet which would do the trick, although they'd need to be painted up and are still a bit pricey even though you get two in a box.

However, it seems that Zvezda have just released a snap together Bf109F2 in 1/144th specifically designed for wargaming. It's only got eight parts and is unpainted but would be ideal for the 633 Squadron project as it's less than three quid per kit. I don't think it matters that it's a bit long in the tooth for 1944. As we'd only need half a dozen or so, this makes it a viable stand in for the far more expensive pre-painted option.

I'll get one and see what the kit is like.

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  1. I wait for this set! I think it's beautiful

    Best regards Carlo Antonio