Thursday, 17 March 2011

Old West Railroad Train [5]

I painted the flatbed railroad wagon to finish off the train this evening, using a variety of drybrushing and washes to simulate some sort of weathered timber effect. I think it came out OK but still needs a final light dusting over to pick out the planking. I have another wagon that I could bash into a boxcar or flatbed but, to be honest, I need to move onto other things.

I've really enjoyed painting up the train and hope to use it in the Back of Beyond once it's finished with as a prop for the club participation game. As a result, I've left off any lettering or numbering so that I can add some suitably Chinese or Soviet insignia later on. I think it'll look great alongside my old Bolshevik forces or my as yet unfinished Japanese army.

I haven't been up to the club since November mainly due to work and family commitments. However, I'm hoping to drop in next Tuesday to hand over the train and have a chat about the game itself. I'm also hoping to stir up some interest in the 633 Squadron game by taking along the 1/144th scale diecast Mossies and, if they arrive in time, the 1/600th scale Tumbling Dice planes as well.

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