Tuesday, 29 March 2011

633 Squadron Update

I got the 1:600th scale Tumbling Dice Mosquito MkIV's in the post a couple of days ago, courtesy of Dom, who apologised very politely for the slight delay in sending them to me. If you haven't ordered anything from him before, I can thoroughly recommend his products and his way of going about things. Anyway, they're ready to be cleaned up and painted as soon as I have an hour or two to spare.

I've also scrounged a whole load of high density insulation foam from work. The roof of my block is being re-clad in 1 metre square sheets of foam, to a depth of 15cm, so I have a couple of sheets and some off cuts to use for terrain which would otherwise have gone in the skip. It smells a bit fishy but apart from that it'll be perfect for sculpting some fjord cliff sections.

This looks like a definate project for the Summer...


  1. Doing a bit of scrounging at work today myself.

  2. watching watching watching!!!!!I like this idea very much..

  3. Please see my thread 634 Squadron Lead Adventures Forum.

  4. Sorry nmy avatar name on LAF is Bezzo