Thursday, 31 March 2011

DH10A Bomber

I' ve been trying to find one of these old Aurora / K&B kits at a reasonable price for a long time but they always seem to go for a small fortune on ebay. However, the other day I put in a bid on a boxed, unbuilt kit and won it for twelve quid, postage included.
What I'll do with it is another question?

I plan to use it as heavy air support for my long planned British Expeditoinary Column to the Back of Beyond. In the army list for the British Indian force you are allowed to have up to two aircraft so, rather than use the ubiquitous SE5a or Camel, I thought I'd intimidate the natives and/or Bolsheviks with a suitably enormous flying machine.

They were actually used over the North West Frontier in the Third Afghan War and subsequent colonial police actions of the early 1920's, so I reckon I can use one without any questions being asked by the purists. It is, however, absolutely massive, so I'll have to work out how to make a stand for it and how I can transport it without the sound of crunching or snapping plastic!


  1. That's a wonderful kit! Good luck with making it. I can see it inspiring terror on the table!

  2. I have been buying old airfix/Frog stuff on ebay lately. Some of it costs more than reissues.

  3. A very nice find, these obscure planes (and wars) really are worth exploring.

  4. Interesting profile drawing. Wherever did you find it? I would love to know because there is no attribution to the illustrator's site.

  5. apologies, here it is:

    Great work by the way!