Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Red Armoured Train [2]

I started on the first wagon for the armoured train this evening by disassembling one of my three Teamster passenger carriages before cutting off one end with a razor saw. I then trimmed off the seats from the far end of the carriage interior to create a flat base for a gun turret mount.

The carriage was then re-contruced, so that I could start plating up the sides and adding a gun mounting to the truncated end, using some plastic hexes as a former. I wanted to make the gun mounting circular but couldn't find anything to use as a template, hence the easier option of a hex shaped base.

It's all a bit rough and ready at the moment but I'll have a go at tidying it up tomorrow, although I have a late meeting to attend so may not make much progress. I'm not sure it's quite right yet so will need to fiddle about a bit before I'm ready to crack on.

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