Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Third Workers and Peasants Shock Brigade!

Although my car has been playing up over the weekend, with squishy brakes and a strange hissing noise when the pedal is used, it looks like the Back of Beyond game is all systems go!

In a futile bid to intimidate my Tsarist opponent, I've worked out a formidable force for the meeting engagement scenario in which we'll be crossing ideological swords. As you can see, I've gone  for mobility over firepower, choosing not to use any off table artillery but making sure I have good air and armour support.

One unit (8 figures) - Cheka volunteers, T3 / M5, stubborn with bombs
Three units (12 figures) of Red infantry with bombs, T2 / M3
Plus one LMG per unit
One Sniper, T5 / M5
One HMG, T2 / M4
One Field Gun, T2 /M3
One Austin Armoured Car, 2 x MG (ST)
One Whippet Tank, 1 x MG(T)
One Nieuport 16 aircraft
One commissar figure
Total = 746

If that doesn't work I still have the Cheka as back up and the Commissar to add a little 'encouragement' to the rest of the infantry, as and when the time comes for a tactical withdrawal.

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