Thursday, 24 March 2011

Red Armoured Train Ideas

I've been thinking about the format of the turret on the scratchbuilt gun wagon and reckon I've come up with something that will look pretty effective. I've based the shape and layout on plans of a Polish armoured train wagon, which has a similar layout and design to my version, albeit with two turrets instead of one.

I was rummaging around for a suitable basis for the turret itself and found an octagonal fridge magnet that is about the right size to mount on the gun platform, although I'll need to change it's design. It will need to be covered in a skin of card or thin plastic card and I'll have to scratchbuild a gun barrel and deflectors but I think it'll do the job really well.

I've also been thinking about the options for the rest of the wagons. In the CLA rules you are allowed a wagon with a field gun turret, a wagon with two sideways firing field guns, a wagon with up to four machine guns and a wagon with loopholes for the transported infantry inside.

It's strange that there is no turreted machine gun option but I might build a removable one for the transport wagon, so that I can upgun it if I want extra firepower. The standard machine gun wagon is, however, the next to be built, although it's very expensive in points so may be downgraded to two rather than four guns.

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