Monday, 14 March 2011

North Star Matabele Deal

I had my eye on this army deal from Northstar in the hope that the price would drop to something vaguely affordable and, hey ho, so it did:

In a bid to inject much needed financial stimulus into the flagging economy of Nottingham, I sent a grovelling e-mail to the Ministry of the Interior, pointing out the excellent sculpting and exceptional variety of the North Star Matabele figures. I also pointed out that they were half price and the equivalent of less than 75p per figure!

She wasn't impressed by my aesthetic and altruistic financial arguments but did concede that I could have them, on the understanding that I would sell my soul into a pact of DIY feudal servitude. This sounded good to me, so I wizzed off an order to Northstar and will have a shiny new box of metal bits to dribble over in a few days time.

Cue: frenetic victory dance in a righteous Matabele stylee!

Oh yes.

I'm hoping that the DIY Pact of Darkness will be forgotten if I toady and grovel enough in the next few days? The figures will be delivered to my work address so that I can squirrel them away into a dark corner when the robo-turrets and sniffer dogs aren't looking, thus avoiding inconvenient questions and suspicious mumblings. A cunning plan no less!

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  1. The Pact of darkness will come back to haunt you when you least expect, the female of the spieces has a horribly long memory for this sort of thing.