Saturday, 5 March 2011

633 Squadron in 1:600th

I've been thinking a bit more about the 633 Squadron game and reckon I could do a 'proof of concept' set up by myself in 1:600th scale. This would be feasible for solo development, as it would be a quarter of the size of the the full on version and much, much cheaper.

I already have some Tumbling Dice 1:600 scale Mossies in my coastal warfare box, although I might need another pack or two to make up the numbers. I also have the decals to deck them out with from the excellent Dom's Decals range. The bases would have to be conventional stands rather than telescopic ones but I could adapt the ones I devised for Wings at War MiG Alley! using panel pins and mdf bases, or something similar. 

The flakship I already have in the coastal warfare box too. I have two or three as yet unlaunched Escort Trawlers and VP's by Skytrex, which would be ideal. As a result, I could have several flakships in the fjord instead of just the one. This would look good and make things interesting for the RAF as they tried to knock them out.

The AAA batteries can be found in the Skytrex range too but, to save money and keep it simple, I could strip suitable guns from my stockpile of 1:700 and 1:600 scale model kits. In particular, I have a couple of Z Class destroyers that I got half price in a Modelzone sale but have no use for, so I can take the AAA mounts off them to add to emplacements made out of scrap plastic.

The factory can be scratchbuilt as before but will be easier to do as it's much smaller. I could use some of the Tamiya harbour set for this but I'll have to get hold of one on Ebay. The set includes some warehouses, a crane that could be used for some sort of structure and some oil tanks which would do very well for the V2 fuel storage facilities.

The terrain will also be straightforward and will just need to be scaled down to 2' or 3' long sections with a structure made out of light weight materials. I could even keep them to the original height to add to the effect. It's worth some thought and I reckon I could produce it myself without too much trouble.

For rules I could just go with Bag the Hun, assuming I add hexes to the water surface. Alternatively, I could devise my own set based on the ideas I've already worked out. If I can get it down to two sides of A4, so much the better.

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