Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Corgi Mosquito FBVI

A major part of the original plan for the 633 Squadron project was to use pre-assembled 1/144th scale diecast model aircraft to represent the Mosquito fighter bombers, thus saving the time and effort of building model kits. As there are no 1/144th scale kits of Mossies anyway, this seemed like a good idea, especially as Corgi produce a decent diecast version in their Fighter Collection 'Fits the Box' range.

As the name suggests, these models are scaled to fit the standard packaging rather than to a specific common ratio.  However, the Mosquito FBVI is near enough 1/144th for it to be virtually spot on. For example, the wingspan measures 106mm, so scales out to 2.02mm to the foot, with the real thing being 54.2' in length. This means that the model is perfect for the large scale version of the game, should it ever get off the ground.

I paid a bit over a fiver for one on Ebay and so it's a cheap enough option to be feasible as a club project, especially if they can be discounted for a bulk purchase or at least combined postage. The planes would need to be repainted and new decals added but this wouldn't be too difficult a task to accomplish and could even be skipped if it was too much hassle.

It looks like a definite thumbs up!

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