Monday, 7 November 2011

AK47 Autumn Assault [24]

I felt much better this afternoon so decided to tackle another aircraft for the AK47 army. The Il-28 Beagle is a nice looking model but a bit big for low level ground attack missions. However, I already had a diecast Del Prado MiG 15 that I'd basecoated for another army, so dug it out and had a crack at painting it up for General Mpongo's fledgling airforce.

I added the camouflage pattern using the trusty Foundry Phlegm Green shade then mixed 50:50 Phlegm Green shade and mid coat to over paint the resulting pattern. I also highlighted the lighter areas with Phlegm Green, before painting the canopy in three stages of Foundry Sky Blue with white highlights. The whole thing was then given a Future gunge wash.

The decals were cut from a GW Warhammer 40K sheet then over painted with Citadel Blood Red. I touched up the canopy then over-sprayed everything in Army Painter matt varnish. To finish off, the canopy was then re-painted with GW Gloss 'Ardcoat (that's gloss varnish to you and me).

I'm pretty pleased with the end result, which only took about an hour or so to complete, although the canopy could be a bit better given a bit of time and effort. Job done!

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