Wednesday, 16 November 2011

AK47 Autumn Assault [27]

I've finished texturing the bases on the AFV's and heavy weapons bases this evening, using a combination of runny PVA glue and a mixture of playpit sand, model railway ballast and Citadel modelling sand. The glue I use for basing was given to me by a colleague at work and is absolutely superb. It's called ELCH Pro PVA Wood Adhesive Interior Grade and is manufactured by a company called Henkel.

The units are now useable for gaming but still need to have the bases washcoated, drybrushed and flocked to be really finished. I'll try and get this done over the next few days but the weekend is looking busy already, especially as a trip to Warfare has been sanctioned by the Ministry of the Interior.

In preparation for the first game with the army, which is sheduled for Tuesday next week, I also have to paint up the GAZ 69 and the casualty bases. Incidentally, the Patrol Boat AAA guns arrived yesterday and have already been assembled, undercoated and basecoated, so I'll post something about that tomorrow. Time to crack on!

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  1. With international tensions rising as per the news, the excitement is mounting, especially with the rumbling of assembly and mobilisation in between radio transmissions.

    'Ministry of the interior', indeed lol.