Saturday, 19 November 2011

Back from WARFARE

I've just got back from Warfare and have unpacked the goodies for a quick review. I didn't actually get that much but I'm pleased with the things that I did pick up, as they won't add too much to the leadpile and will probably get some good mileage.

I bought an army pack of 10mm Sci Fi Colonial Marines from Pendraken for the youngest, who decided they looked really cool. This meant that I had an excuse to get a pack of Alien Creatures, which at £12 is a real bargain. The pack features a good selection of all the beasties you'd expect including the crawly things, egg clusters, aliens of various shapes and sizes and even a queen. I'm sure I've seen a simple set of skirmish rules for Aliens on the web somewhere too, so a mini-project is a definate possibility.

I also bought a cheap 6 x 4 desert cloth for use in the Back of Beyond and for PITS. It's a bit beige but will do the job pretty well, especially if I knock up some wadis, hills, rocky outcrops and other terrain features. I was tempted by some rather nice Wadi terrain pieces on one of the stands but, at £5.50 for a 12'' length, they were too expensive for my pocket. It's given me some ideas for scratchbuilding some terrain though, along with other linear features like roads, rivers and railway lines.

Finally, I picked up a few extra bits for AK47 from Peter Pig including a couple of landrovers, some ZPU AAA guns and some recoiless rifles. These will be used to deck out a couple more techincals for the militia and possibly another patrol boat, leaving the AAA trailer wheels free for diecast conversions. I didn't find any cheap trucks for the technicals so will have to rummage in the toy box again to see what I find.

The biggest expense of the day, which I'm still trying to rationalise, was a copy of SAGA from Gripping Beast. At £25 I was expecting some sort of weighty hardback but instead I got a flashy paperback with high production values but not a lot else. The rules look good though and, as I have plenty of 28mm Vikings, Saxons and Normans in the leadpile, will require no additional expenditure. That's my excuse anyway.

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