Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Saurian Safari Sea Dogs

I've organised a game of Saurian Safari at the club with a bit of a difference. I have been planning for a while to run a game of the sub-aquatic version of Saurian Safari but have singularly failed to get my act together, despite several club members being interested. As a result, I thought it would be polite to offer an alternative, in the form of a piratical treasure hunting expedition to a mysterious uncharted tropical island.

As I have some 28mm pirates, with nothing much on the horizon in terms of gainful employment, and plenty of dinosaurs to match, I thought it would be fun to do a spot of Saurian Safari with a swashbuckling flavour. I need to fiddle a little bit with the rules but I've already worked out some new firearms tables and some extra angles to make blackpowder dinosaur bagging work very well.

The game is set for the 17th January, so plenty of time to work on the rules and the scenario to make it a bit of a cracker!


  1. Sort of a "Treasure Island" on King Kong's Skull island? I like it! It will be pretty brutal on the hunters without modern weaponry though!

  2. Unless the Pirates have the numbers.

  3. It's what swivel guns were invented for?

  4. Nice - though I think that the look on the players' faces when they realise it's muskets and swords against Raptors will be priceless!