Thursday, 10 November 2011

AK47 Autumn Assault [25]

I decided the other day that the GW flight stands that I was using for the helicopters and aircraft were far too low to be realistic. As a result I hunted around on Ebay for some transparent acrylic rod and found this company:

I ordered a pack of five lengths of 3mm rod which arrived today in the post. I cut up one of the lengths into 15cm sections for the choppers and another into a 12cm section to use for the MiG 15. These were then superglued into the existing GW bases and 3mm magnets glued on top of the stands.

The end result works well, although I think I may lower the chopper stands to 10cm as they're quite high and a little bendy when moved. The models stay attached quite well on top and the overall look is a big improvement on the previous hedge skimming effort.

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