Sunday, 27 November 2011

AK47 Patrol Boat [7]

I finished off the patrol boat with a base today, using a combination of plastic card, filler and PVA painted with various GW shades of blue. The base was gloss spray varnished and the boat stuck in place before I added the bow wave and wake with some stippled white paint.

I also dismantled and stripped down the second patrol boat diecast that I won on ebay, ready for conversion into a Panga Class PB when I can find the time. I have a third ship arriving in the post this week but it's the air sea rescue launch version so will require a lot less work to be ready for action.

I've also basecoated and drybrushed the two swampboats that I assembled yesterday. These won't take long to complete and have already had their wash in future based gunge ready for the detailed painting tomorrow. I have three more of these in the pipeline to complete my rivrerine forces, so I should have a decent sized amphibious contingent in no time.


  1. these models of boats are really is very good looking

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  2. Very very nice. I was so impressed I jumped straight on eBay and bought an Osa and a Patrol boat for conversion...