Sunday, 13 November 2011

Workbench Upgrade

I've achieved precisely zero today as far as painting and basing are concerned. For some reason, I delude myself each week that Sunday is a day on which I will be able to grab an hour or two of undisturbed time but it never seems to work out that way. In fact, quite the opposite.

To compensate for the lack of output, I've invested in a smooth new mdf top for the workbench, for which I made a clandestine expedition to Homebase, ostensibly to get a couple of light bulbs and a new dustpan and brush. I managed to sneak the mdf into the garage before it was noticed and have already installed it on top of the old work surface.

It should make modelling and painting a little less awkward, as the old top consisted of a couple of squares of 25mm mdf with a bloody great joint between them right down the middle. At least now I'll have a totally flat and uninterrupted area to work on. The AK47 infantry bases in the picture are first up on the 'to do' list.



  1. Disturbingly neat and tidy - fix that immediately sir!

  2. You best spill a little paint on it quick, perhaps a few tea mug rings. Definitely mess it up a little. You must do this or SWMBO will find out and you will be decorating a bedroom next Sunday!!!

  3. Jim,

    That looks awesome! That's a pretty successful day in my book!!