Wednesday, 23 November 2011

NEWSFLASH - Mbote militia blunts Zumatan spearhead (Reuters)

Abandoned Zumatan APC in S'mosa
From our correspondent in Wanga Wanga

A Zumatan armoured assault on the Unyunbaji bridgehead was severely mauled yesterday by the resistance of Mbote militia units supported by elements of the Mbote Territorial Defence Force.

In an attempt to outflank strong Mbote defensive positions adjacent to Unyunbaji bridge, an elite task force of Zumatan special forces backed by naval troops and artillery, launched a surprise attack on the border post of S'mosa, downstream from Unyunbaji.

Despite fierce fighting and extensive use of mortar fire, anti tank guns, wire guided missiles and an air strike, the Zumatan forces were unable to take control of the river crossing and suffered severe casualties in the attempt. A number of Zumatan military units were routed or destroyed in the action, whilst Mbote losses were comparatively minimal.

 The use of local militia units armed with heavy weapon equipped technicals was key to the defence by the MTDF. Although the militia technical convoy was destroyed in the action, it blunted the Zumatan spearhead until armoured reinforcements of the MTDF arrived.

Mbote militia advance during the attack on S'mosa
The Mbote Minister for War, Colonel Banga B'oum, has issued the following press statement via MBC radio broadcast:

'The brave resistance of the Mbote militia, at severe cost in men and equipment has ensured the resilience of our great nations borders in the face of unprovoked attack by the malevolent Zumatan forces of aggression'
Bunga Bunga!

As yet, there has been no official response from the Zumatan military or government but sources close to the president, Dr Kenko Gold, have indicated that a broadcast on ZBC TV has been scheduled later today.

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