Monday, 28 November 2011

AK47 Terrain [3]

I had a crack at a test piece of railway track this evening, using an old 9'' length of TT gauge track, a 1 1/2'' wide strip of cork tile and some ballasting material. I spread thick PVA over the shaped trackbed then pressed down the piece of railway line into the glue. This was then sprinked with the ballast.

I left it to set for half an hour but one end of the track had lifted, so I soaked some liquid superglue over the top to fix everything down firmly. I then added liquid PVA to the edges of the trackbed and sprinked on my usual sand and fine gravel mixture to form the verges.

The whole thing was then oversprayed with Humbrol Matt Earth to seal it in and act as a basecoat for drybrushing. I think it's OK but it was quite a labourious process and took about twice as long as the road that I made and painted yesterday. It'll need painting too, which I'll tackle tomorrow.

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