Sunday, 27 November 2011

AK47 Terrain [1]

Nbuto regulars on patrol...get off the road!

I went to Homebase today, on the way back from rugby practise, to get a new shower hose for the bathroom. As usual, I had a bit of a browse for wargame related items that I could sneak back into the garage on my return. I happened upon a pack of 12'' x 12'' cork tiles on the bottom shelf of a display unit and thought that they'd be perfect for terrain scratchbuilding, so popped them in the trolley.

I've been wanting to scratchbuild some terrain for AK47 for ages with roads, railways and river sections at the top of the list. The cork tiles seem to offer the perfect combination of price, flexibility and ease of use, so I had a go at knocking up a 12'' x 3'' section of road this afternoon. It was very quick and simple to do, so I'll be making some more over the next few days.


  1. You have three kids, a wife, work full time, go on visits, are a member of a wargaming club and paint/model at a cracking pace...and you play rugby too!!
    Where do you get the time!!!
    And the energy.
    My hat is off to you,Jim.
    Oh, and are using AK47 2nd edition?
    Did you ever play 1st ed. and is the later version different enough for me to cash out on the new one?
    Would appreciate your ideas.
    Shayne W.

  2. I bought soem cork tiles for exactly the same purpose. I find them easy to paint, flock and cut.

  3. I don't watch TV...that frees up a load of time once the kids are in bed. And the rugby is for the kids not me...I'm far too unfit for that sort of thing ;O)

    I haven't tried the reloaded version of AK47, just the old 2nd edition version.

    I've also played the original 1st edition but would recommend getting hold of the newer 'old' version of the rules, as it's got quite a lot of new stuff in it.