Thursday, 3 November 2011


I've been ignoring this set of rules with extreme prejudice recently. They're very expensive, require even more expensive sets of dice and have a really cheesy front cover but, nonetheless, have a number of appealing angles.

They require only a handful of figures, of which I have in an embarrassing if not unhealthy abundance. They are, according to hearsay, very intuitive and quick to pick up. They also have lots of potential for some gratuitous historical background research, tapping into my long and mostly forgotten educational past.

I'm thinking of getting hold of a copy at Warfare in a few weeks time but may give in to temptation before then, assuming a good deal turns up. There are some chaps at the club who are interested and, as a result, this might be a project for 2012.

Oh dear.


  1. You don't need any special dice. Simple d6s will do nicely as shown in the rulebook. The dice with the symbols do look nifty though and yep, pricey too.

    I think these rules are great.

  2. SAGA is good fun. As Christian says you don't need the dice and the price includes the battleboards which are the "gimick" for the game that gives it a unique and interesting flavour of its own. £25 is not bad for a short print run full colour book with four sturdy card inserts. I've just this evening played my second game and had another good time. I've done one AAR on the blog and will have another up over the weekend if that helps you make up your mind.

  3. Hi Jim,

    I can highly recommend SAGA - check my posts on our first game on my blog Gjallarhorn