Thursday, 24 November 2011

NEWSFLASH - Mbote militia to be re-equipped (Reuters)

From our military affairs correspondent in Npungwe

Following the virtual destruction of the Mbote militia in the battle for S'Mosa, the Mbote Minister for War, Colonel Banga B'oum, has declared his intention to re-equip the surviving militia units as the nucleus for an enlarged local defence force.

To this end, he has committed state funds of over 456,908,4567,000,000 Banana (Mb) for the aquisition and armament of a number of so-called 'technical' improvised vehicles. This investment represents a quarter of the official fiscal budget for the Ministry of War, which in itself suggests a heavy commitment to the reconstruction of the militia as a fighting force.

The speed at which this re-armament plan has advanced is evident from the arrival of a number of technical vehicles at the docks in Tchumba, many of which have already been converted in army workshops by the addition of AAA and machine gun armament. It is highly probable that these vehicles will play a significant part in the rumoured counter attack by Mbote forces against the Zumatan offensive.

(in other words, I've just ordered a couple of new trucks from QRF...)

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