Sunday, 20 November 2011

AK47 Autumn Assault [29]

I've finished off General Mpongo's GAZ 69 staff car this evening, give or take a little texturing and base painting, so that's one more element of the Mbote army completed. I also had a crack at painting up the militia technical diecast conversion that I put together the other day but only tackled the cab and the flatbed, leaving the rest until tomorrow. I think I overdid the rust but who knows...

I assembled another landrover for the miltia yesterday, complete with a large recoilless rifle, which will allow me to field two militia units now if I want to, once it's painted up. If I can, I'll add a couple more diecast conversion jobs to the militia in the long run, which should fill out the units to something a little more effective in terms of points value and hitting power.

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