Tuesday, 15 November 2011

NEWSFLASH - PDRM naval patrol intercept Zumatan flotilla (Reuters)

From our correspondent in Wanga Wanga 

The Mbuto Coastal Defence Force (MCDF) have issued a press release this evening detailing the siezure of a small flotilla of Zumatan naval units in the disputed waters of Mjuba Bay.

In a brief press communique a senior officer of the MCDF, Captain Bhurdsi, explained the circumstances of the interception.

''Two heavily armed Panga class patrol boats of the MCDF detected the approach of hostile unidentified vessels in the vicinity of Gogo Island. Having fired warning shots across thr bows of the approaching craft, the decision was made to intercept the hostile vessels, as they had clearly infringed the territorial waters of the PDRM.

After a pathetic and half hearted resistance by the Zumatan pirates, three of the four craft were sunk and one heavily damaged. The surviving Zumatan crew identified their vessel as the newly launched ZNS Big Buoy. Unfortunately, attempts to verify the identity of the craft were prevented as it foundered in deep water whilst under tow to the MCDF naval base at Port Tchumba.'' 


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