Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Aaarrgh! Matey?

As it's International Talk like a Pirate Day, I thought I'd post some completely gratuitous pictures of my pirate crew, complete with their saucy four gun sloop.You've seen them in action before but they only get dusted off once in a blue moon, so they've probably got a nasty case of cabin fever....or even scurvy. 

I really should set up a game at the club sometime so that they get some much needed exercise! I quite fancy the idea of scratchbuilding another ship, complete with a crew of 'goodies', the Treasure Island variety rather than the 70's TV version that is (although it does have some potential...?)

Anyway, I've got far too much to wade through first, before I even think about embarking on such dastardly diversions...arrrghhh!


  1. Har Matey
    As a true born Cornishman I must say them pirates are right good.

  2. Arrrr there be dinos aplenty! Loving the pirates, but where did you get your velociraptors from?

  3. 1st time for me to see you game pieces, and These are really very nice, Sir. Those carnivores look hungry.