Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Madness in Mikonos

It's D-Day for the Italian army of General Robusto Gorgonzola, with an amphibious landing on the island of Mikonos in the face of a counter invasion by the perfidious British. The Italians have organised a small but potent force for the landings, with two companies of regular infantry, a support company and an attached mechanised squadron of L3/35 tankettes. They're expecting some fierce oppositon going into the assault, so have also brought along a couple of L3/35 flamethrower tankettes for bunker busting.

I don't fancy my chances, however, as I'm sure the British will have brought everything plus the kitchen sink. I've also neglected to provide any naval gunfire support, having dispatched my destoyers to bombard another island, not expecting any opposition to the Mikonos operation. If it all goes pear shaped I'll get the propaganda unit to give it a spin. I'm sure I can claim it as a successful probe in strength to cleverly test the enemies defences, or something along those lines?

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