Sunday, 9 September 2012

Backlog Busting

We went to the Paralympics today which was really great but entailed a 5am start and a 6pm return, so nothing has been achieved in wargaming terms this weekend apart from the Colours trip. However, I have had some time to mull over what I'm doing this Autumn and have decided that I will be virtuous and clear at least some of the backlog of stuff that is hanging around in the garage, rather than splashing paint onto more bare metal.

This means that only undercoated and/or semi-painted things will be allowed between now and the end of the year, so that I finally shift the stalled projects that have been nagging at my conscience for far too long. On the plus side, this means that I have plenty of things to choose from including the Bag The Hun planes, the SAGA Vikings, the VBCW Reds, the PITS Dervish, the Victorian Ironclads, the Back of Beyond Japanese, the BKC Italians ....



  1. Looking forward in seeing your vbcw and bob forces!

  2. I must say I greatly admire your ability to move through the lead mountain--something I particularly struggle with. I'm going to be keenly interested in your BoB Japanese, as I'm doing some myself.

    But what I wanted to ask was: now that you're doing Jimland in 18mm, what do you plan on doing with your bits for 10mm (especially the MM dinosaurs you mentioned)? I've actually decided to go with 10s myself. Interested in trading for something I might have? If so, we can continue the discussion offline: dpk(dot)mail(at)me(dot)com