Friday, 14 September 2012

BKC Aegean Campaign AAR - Mikonos

Italian Headquarters Andross

PRESS RELEASE - Victory on Mikonos!

Friends, Romans, Countrymen!

I am delighted to inform you of the imminent liberation of the island of Mikonos from the imperialist force of the ever perfidious British.

The British have once again attempted to deny the Greek peoples of their rightful place alongside their Italian cousins, launching a despicable invasion of Mikonos using an overwhelming force of tanks, infantry and paratroopers.

Clearly the safety and welfare of the local population was completely ignored as the brutal British military machine attempted to crush it's way though the defenceless villages and towns in it's path.

However, they did not expect the island to be defended by the valiant Italian expeditionary force under my one expects the Italian expedition!

I, General Robusto Gorgonzola, threw my troops into a valiant defensive action to protect the lives and liberty of our Greek allies. Shoulder to shoulder with the brave partisans of Organisation X and the local gendarmerie, the Italian troops threw back the onslaught of the criminal gangsters in a furious battle for the port and airfield, which I ordered to be defended to the last man.

Using a defensive screen of tankettes and light artillery to block the British advance, the brilliant commander of the expeditionary force, Capitano Dolmio, was able to inflict severe losses on the enemy whilst suffering minimal losses and holding all of our objectives to boot!

Not even an amateurish last minute paratroop assault by puppet greek traitors could save the calamitous collapse of the British invasion.


The defence line has now been consolidated and night has fallen. Tomorrow will see the dawn of a new day of total victory for the Italian liberators and the complete destruction of the imperialist British remnants and their duplicitous stooges.

Even as you read this, powerful Italian re-inforcements will be approaching the island by sea and air to bolster our troops in their immiment offensive assault on the quivering, demoralised and utterly out manouevered British.

People of Mikonos!

I urge you now to rise up and throw out these interlopers.

Your island will be yours and your future assured under the benevolent guidance of Il Duce!

Ciao baby

General Robusto Gorgonzola


  1. I really like your campaign so far, been Italian adds a lot of flavour while I read your reports.... ;)
    To be more in role, refer to England as "La Perfida Albione", Perfidious Albion, it sounds more "epic" ;)

  2. A glowing report :)
    Full of understatement which only serves to enhance the modest and humble character of the Italian command in western Aegean...
    Donutos salutes you!