Monday, 17 September 2012

BKC Re-Basing

Way back when the first edition of BKC came out, the club decided to go for 25mm x 25mm bases as standard for infantry units with support weapons on 30mm x 30mm bases. As I had the BKC bug back then, I based up a company of early war French infantry to this specification, complete with armour and artillery in support.

When the club BKC Aegean campaign began, I based up my Italian units to the same sysytem but soon found out that things had moved on, with the new edition of the rules suggesting 25mm x 50mm as a standard. It seems that the rest of the club have re-based or set out in this direction, leaving my poor Italians out in the cold.

Not that it really matters but, for the sale of appearences and etiquette, I'll be re-basing my units once the campaign is over, with the simple expedient of sticking two bases together as the obvious way forward. As I have two regular battalions, I will easily have sufficient bases to make up one 'large base' battalion using this method. This wil leave the paras and the coast defence battalions at half strength, but that's fine with me.

The armour, vehicles and command bases won't change at all, so it's a minor bit of aesthetic surgery for minimal cost or effort. It's also got me thinking about my other 10mm BKC project, the Norwegian Campaign, for which I have a small selection of figures. This will obviously follow the second edition style of basing, which means that I'll need some extra figures to fill in the gaps.

...whenever I get round to doing it that is.


  1. I hate rebasing, I hate rebasing, I hate rebasing!!!... recently I have started putting all my 20mm and 28mm for all the periods in individual bases and cut sabots specifically for each rules set, gluing the individual pieces with blue-tac .

  2. I agree. I hate to rebase. Even in 15mm I am going with individual basing because of this.

  3. Got to agree re-basing is no fun at all. I am currently about half way through re-basing a large 15mm ECW collection for Impetus Baroque and am glad its coming to an end.


  4. No-one likes rebasing. I've got to convert all my British and Prussians from Grand Armee bases to POW Naps bases. One of those jobs you want to put off forever.