Saturday, 15 September 2012

BKC Aegean Campaign [11]

I had to abandon plans for Full Thrust this weekend as I belatedly realised that I need some re-inforcements for the Italian BKC battlegroup, pending the imminent prospect of a follow on to the Battle of Mikonos last Tuesday. I spent some time this morning in deep thought and shot off an email packed full of cunning plans to the long suffering campaign umpire.

One such plan, which I hasten to add is not definite (in case the enemy is listening in), is to reinforce the defenders with the other half of my mechanised battalion. In the campaign rules, each protagonist is allowed to field 700 points of armour, most of which must be light and/or ad hoc. This is relatively easy for the Italians to manage, as it fits well with the 'top of the range' kit that they have in their inventory.

As a result, I spent a couple of hours painting up three Pendraken M13/40's, three Pithead L6/40's, a Pendraken AB40/41 and an HQ base of a Pendraken M13/40 armoured command tank. This is about as powerful a force as I could manage given the restrictions in the campaign rules and the existing value of the L3/35 tankette units that I've already deployed.

I originally planned to include some FT17 or Fiat 3000 tanks in the mechanised force but I've decided to leave them out for the moment, unless I'm in desperate need of some WW1 vintage tank support in extremis. However, I have painted up three 75mm field guns as an element of the 250 point fire support battalion that I'm allowed in the campaign.

What I actually deploy in the second day of the Battle for Mikonos now depends on the deliberations of the campaign umpire, who thus far has been very supportive of the Italian war effort. However, there are limits and I wouldn't be at all surprised if my so-called 'cunning plans' get no further than General Robusto Gorgonzola's over stuffed out tray.

It's worth a try though!

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  1. Nice models. I do like Pendraken's stuff. Good luck with your plans. ;)