Thursday, 13 September 2012

Full Thrust for the Weekend, Sir?

I unpacked the GZG Neu Swabian League starter pack that I bought at Colours last Saturday. It's a jolly good selection of models including two battleships, two heavy cruisers, two light cruisers, four destroyers, four frigates and three corvettes. Not bad for £25 and perfect as opposition for my son's Federal Stats Europa armada.

However, I felt there was something missing, so I've ordered a light carrier, four flights of fighters and a couple of fleet supply tenders, just to add a bit of tactical depth to the assmbled fleet. As expected, the nice people at GZG have bunged them in the post already, so I should have them on the doorstep by Saturday at the latest.

This weekend will, therefore, be a Full Thrust fast painting marathon, using a simple spray, wash and drybrush approach to get the whole lot done in one go. The plan is to undercoat them in matt black, then overbrush in either Foundry Phlegm Green or Arctic Grey, but the exact details are a bit fuzzy at the moment and I could do something completely different.

Nice and easy!

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