Sunday, 2 September 2012

Full Thrust Full Speed

My ten year old son was pestering me for something to paint up today, despite having half a ton of Warhammer 40K stuff to wade through in his bedroom. To keep him happy I dug out an old box of GZG Full Thrust spaceships that I bought in a mad minute at Salute a few years ago, as they were a bargain and looked really cool (how often have I said that to myself to justify things that have pulled me over to the Dark Side).

Anyway, after he had oogled the contents for a good five minutes, he decided that he wanted me to make them all and paint them all for him this afternoon. So, off we went to Halfords so that he could choose a suitably garish can of spray paint as a basecoat, which ended up being a rather nice shade called Gadget Blue. When we got back, he cleaned up and I glued together one of the models, ready for painting.

A quick basecoat of Gadget Blue was followed by a wash in gunge and a two stage drybrush of GW Ice Blue and Foundry White. We added a couple of FSE decals that came with the box set, then the whole lot got a spray over with Army Painter matt vanish. The end result looks OK if a bit bland but is easy enough for the boy to replicate himself, so that he'll be able to paint up the rest of the collection on his own.

Now his little brother wants some too!


  1. FT is an excellent game. The rules are free from GZG I believe and there is a quick intro set that your boys (and you) might enjoy...

  2. Yes indeed..Full Thrust Lite is the objective, once the sprogs have assembled their respective battle fleets


  3. A nice and effective result. I do like GZG's miniatures.